“The usual, Alex?” asked the bartender when a man in his young thirties took a seat at the bar counter.

“No, I think I’ll go a bit off the track tonight, Bill,” said Alex, checking his digital sports watch and gave a slight nod gesturing that he had enough time.

“Oh, what’s the occasion?” inquired Bill, the bartender.

“Nothing much, if you would really like one, I heard President Bush’s announcement today that we are going to the Moon, Mars and beyond,” said Alex, imitating the speech with a slight curve of the eyebrow.

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De-bugs of our lives


“Hey Liam, how are you doing brother?” asked a tall and handsome fellow in his bathrobe and shorts. “This is Liam, he’s a good friend of mine. Liam, this is Jake, an okay friend of mine.”

“Quit it. Hey Liam,” said Jake setting his bottle of beer down for a handshake to the new guy in the room. Continue reading

The Meltdown


CJ looked up at the kid who was waving at him. “Look papa! He is looking at me,” said the little boy in the red shirt to his dad who was standing beside him waving at CJ. He has seen thousands of people like him in the past one week that he had spent his time there.

“Erika, are you ready?” asked a young woman in her early twenties wearing a black shirt, khaki shorts and a traveler’s hat.

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Does Guilt Have a Name?


‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’, giving out a little smile reading that, he pushed the book at its place in the shelves. The tall man reached out to the top shelf sliding his fingers across the dusty old books, The Monk, check, Persian Letters, check, Hymns to the Night, check. He tilted his head slightly to the right in reaction to a slight knock on the door. Pushing the book back inside the rack, he walked towards the door.

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No Escape

30839265_08091377fa_o_dDan’s phone rang loud in his pocket as he drove the car to 75mph, it was Lisa who called him, and he ignored it. He didn’t want to talk to her again, he thought explaining her that he wasn’t happy and the marriage is not working for him would only make things worse. Instantly he got a text message, it was from Lisa. He couldn’t help but notice the screen as it lit up, it said, ‘Severe pain in my stomach, I fell off from the bed, where are you? I need some help.’ Continue reading

The Man Who Lived


Once upon a time not too far away there was a man who ruled a country. He was named Freyr Abelon but he wanted the people to call him The Lord which won’t be much of a lie because Freyr meant Lord in Old Norse. He was meant to be a leader since his birth. He excelled in every field that he was into. He showed impeccable talent and intelligence since his childhood but one thing that was strange about him was that he didn’t like to be told what to do. Continue reading

A doubt-ful(l) of love


I hated weddings. The roof, the floor, everything was white except the gentlemen who were in black just like the hearts of many women. The bride and the groom uttering vows that lasts for a week more than the New Year’s resolution. The forgotten aunt who shows up at the wedding just to show how great her life had turned out to be. Where was the food? I searched with my hunting eyes everywhere. The one good thing about weddings are supposed to be the wine and the food. But the food was nowhere to be found. I wondered why I was even there. I took a chair which was also covered with a white cloth strapped with a pink ribbon. Then I realized why I was there. Continue reading